Improve Covid-19 Operations and Outcomes

PPEx has Established the Covid-19 Government Innovation Hub (CGIH) to Improve Agency Covid-19 Operations & Outcomes by Building:

  • A Pipeline of Innovative Technology & Solutions
  • A Growing Community of Covid-19 Innovations & Solutions
  • Support for Covid-19 Leadership through Crisis, Lockdown, Testing, Tracking & Reopening

Covid-19 Emergency Purchasing Authority

States and Local Governments have Unleased Extraordinarily Broad Powers to Handle the Covid-19 Public Health Crises by Declaring Covid-19 States of Emergency. Click to Check Your State's Covid-19 Emergency Declaration.

These Broad Powers are the "Police Powers" State and Local Officials Have to Maintain Public Health and Safety which include the Covid-19 related Authority to:

  • Expedite the Purchase of Covid-19 Related Products & Services
  • Award Covid-19 Related Contracts Without a Formal Competitive Solicitation
  • Implement Operational Changes to Improve Covid-19 Outcomes

Participation is Quick and Easy. Agencies Responding to Covid-19 Crises- Government, Health Care, Non-Profit and Education:

  • Complete & Submit PPEx Join Now Form
  • Click to Review Current Covid-19 Innovative Technology & Solutions Suppliers at a Glance
  • Select Preferred Innovative Solution(s)-Connect to Interactive Supplier Page

Inviting Innovative Companies Offering Covid-19 Technology & Solutions to Join Our Covid-19 Innovation Team!

It's Fast and Easy, just Complete and Return Expression of Interest E Mail and We Will Set Up a Conference Call to Review the Covid-19 Government Innovation Hub (CGIH) & Participation Steps.